*Our “Bird Book” created for the 2017 Austin Pet Expo is available online. Please find it here.*

A Parront’s Love Small Bird Rescue exists to help small birds of Central Texas. We take in birds (small) conure size and smaller, including but not limited to: finches, canaries, budgies/parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, quaker parrots/monk parakeets, and small conures.

We accept owner surrenders and strays, by appointment only. Strays stay at the rescue for a minimum of 60 days in order for us to thoroughly search for the owner and give the owner time to locate their bird. Owner surrenders must complete quarantine and rehabilitation (if needed) before they are made available for adoption.

APL is here to rehabilitate birds both physically and emotionally, and then find suitable forever homes for them. Even small bird species live a long time, often 10-30 or more years. Birds of any kind are a long-term commitment, and we require adopters to make themselves aware of what their needs are, in order for their companion bird to live a healthy and enriching life.

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